Guesthouse - Restaurant Koliba Likava


Guesthouse - Restaurant Koliba Likava

Koliba Likava v zime

Opening hours: from 8:00 to 21:00 | Free WiFi

On 30th January 2006 a new Guesthouse - Restaurant Koliba Likava was opened. The guesthouse is situated only a few meters from the main road leading to Dolný Kubín. This brand-new facility has been luring the attention of tourists and inhabitants in the vicinity. The natural scenery of a nearby hill Čebrať gives a unique charm to the typical log house evoking a feeling of Liptov’s countryside history and an ambiance which invites you to engage in a pleasant get-together with your friends, colleagues or business partners.

Visitors are immediately captivated by this new facility with the atmosphere of a Slovak countryside, the sweet smell of wood and soft folk music. The interior is furnished with classic hand-made wooden furniture and a fireplace radiating the heat of burning wood. Personnel dressed in folk costumes, along with the service, maintains the satisfaction of our guests. Optimally, all these bring sufficient possibilities for relaxation and well-being.

Halušky s bryndzou a slaninkou

In addition to the pleasant environment that meets the expectations of exacting customers, a look at the varied menu with traditional Slovak specialities (like sausages, hash-and-crumbs sausages, dumplings, pies, etc.) as well as meals of international cuisine, will do everybody good. Bon vivants who prefer a particular meal of a balanced diet will enjoy vegetarian meals, delicacies of fish, poultry or noodles -- everything in high-quality that satisfies our guests, and in astonishing quantity.

The facility with an 80-chair capacity is especially suitable for exclusive social events or parties, including company, family, etc. Smokers and non-smokers will find enough large rooms, on each floors of this two-storied building. In the summer season guests can enjoy a comfortable terrace with a view of the hill Čebrať. Some live folk band that plays on special occasions brings pleasant surprises.

If you like this brief narrative about Koliba Likava restaurant, come visit us! It is definitely the place worth visiting and enjoying your time out!

Koliba Likava - Skipark Ružomberok: 3kmKoliba Likava - Termálne kúpalisko Bešeňová: 10km